Optimizing benefits management processes is essential for companies aiming to provide a more appealing and employee-aligned work environment. In this context, we introduce SIMBA Digital, an innovative solution that goes beyond mere benefits administration. With a focus on customization and alignment with the flexible benefits policies adopted by each company, SIMBA Digital ensures that employees receive benefits most suited to their individual choices and needs.

Validation and Implementation of Customized Processes:

With SIMBA Digital, benefits management is personalized and tailored to the chosen flexible benefits policy of the company. The system enables the validation of specific processes and the application of eligibility and scoring rules, ensuring that each employee receives the appropriate benefits based on their choices and needs.

Advanced and Streamlined Integrations:

Through smart integrations, SIMBA Digital streamlines the generation of payroll file uploads, as well as the issuance of purchase orders and the file for benefit provider inclusion, exclusion, and modification. This integration expedites processes, minimizing rework and enabling more efficient administration.

Security and Compliance with LGPD:

The protection of employee data is a priority. SIMBA Digital ensures that all transacted documents are handled digitally and securely, with encryption validated in accordance with the best practices of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD).

Centralized Benefits Management:

The major advantage of SIMBA Digital lies in its ability to centralize benefits management, bringing together within a single system all insurable and non-insurable benefits offered by the company. This provides HR with a holistic and integrated view of all benefits, simplifying monitoring and enabling strategic decision-making.

Process Simplification and Time Savings:

“By automating payroll and benefits management, SIMBA Digital simplifies processes, reducing the HR workload. Less time is spent on administrative tasks, allowing more time to be devoted to activities that add value to the company and support employee development.

With SIMBA Digital, your company achieves efficient, integrated, and employee-aligned benefits management. Experience the power of payroll automation with SIMBA Digital and enjoy all the advantages. Let’s digitize your HR together! Get in touch.

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